To help drive our clients forward in their sustainability goals, to inform both the initiatives under way, and identify areas of improvement, we understood we needed to measure and track our efforts.  Without integration and clarity of waste data, the business of waste remained complicated and unclear.  Diversion initiatives remained on the shelf.   Via Analytics set out to change the paradigm, and create an independent, sustainability analytics tool, that could help us, and others as well.  

Autonomy from any specific waste or recycling company puts the user of our platform in the power seat.  Our customers own the flexibility in service provider choice.  The benefits of data transparency and the factual information Via Analytics provides, inform business decisions.  For us, it's beyond the scope of business acumen…  We wanted metrics to inform environmental decisions.  We know waste reduction, tracked life cycle, and sustainability efforts ultimately reduce both costs and environmental footprint.   Measuring.  Managing.  Reducing.

We were looking for the answers and we built a tool that provided them.  We are excited to share our work with those organizations that also want proof for their current state of waste and the clarity to improve it.


Melinda Caldwell

Melinda Caldwell is CEO of Via Analytics and President of Via Recyclables, a professional services company that helps clients improve their sustainability performance.   Melinda works directly with Via Analytics clients' to help them gain a clear vision into their opportunities for improvement.  Melinda guides the growth of Via Analytics in strategy, client development and financial planning.  She holds a Masters from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts from the Missouri State University.

"Environmentalist in the waste industry who wanted a way to measure waste diversion. Experienced in digging in trash, defining a plan, making it happen, and measuring it.  On a mission to make sustainability visible."


Anastasia Shilling

Anastasia Shilling is CPO of Via Analytics and is responsible for the management of the software and product-related activities.  Anastasia has over 30 years experience in software development.  She has also held business development and sales positions for tech companies such as Fair Isaac and TIBCO.   Anastasia holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kansas.

"Passionate about the land, sea, water and plant life.  Excited to see Via Analytics playing a role in reducing waste in my country, the United States, and on the planet.  Love the creative process to make a software product valuable.  Happy to be able to surf the waves in Encinitas and grow food in the Ozarks."